About PhloxADR

PhloxADR is a faith based company which provides alternative dispute resolution, commonly known as ADR. The two most widely used methods of are MEDIATION and ARBITRATION. This valuable resource is available to all persons and industries both in-person and online.  We have developed the first family law mediation solution that complies with judicial restriction if restraining orders are in effect. Everyone in a dispute needs hope that life will get better and we provide you that hope.

Why We Do This

We developed PhloxADR out of the GREAT need for people to have reliable, caring, private, expedient, cost effective access to ADR services without the fighting, public record and stress associated with court. A dispute does not have to stop your life, drain your bank account or ruin your reputation. Let us show you how to resolve a dispute, stop the fighting, mend your relationship and save time, money and stress.

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping you through the MOST difficult times you may be facing.

All our professionals have their own style which brings an approach that is best suited to you.  We don’t waste your time; we want to resolve your dispute – NOW.

Family cases

Our keen professionals that are skilled in divorce, custody, visitation, post mortem and especially accomplished with high income, homeschool, college funding and cultural disputes.

Business cases

Professionals work tirelessly with small to large businesses that have internal disputes and customer issues. We are here to help resolve your problems and get you back to work.

Church or Ministry Disputes

Experienced and faith centered leaders are there to help restore the relationships to get the work on track.

How We Help

We help people through some of the hardest times in their lives. Fighting, arguing, and shouting will never produce an environment where any resolution can be produced. We slash the length of time it takes to end the dispute; lower the crippling costs incurred by fighting; and reduce the stress that caused a road block to solutions.  With these problems removed, you think clearly and workout practical effective solutions. This is why we say: Save Time – Save Money – Save Stress.

Mediation Services

Our professionals use a facilitative style but may commonly use a mix of disciplines to best suit you or the situation. This customizes the negotiations to best serve everyone involved, which has proven to create better resolutions. We are focused on helping you.

Arbitration Services

Highly trained professionals are the key to running a quality hearing. Our professionals have quality training from the bar associations and other respected institutions; to which, many have been accepted as members of prestigious organizations. Industry knowledge, not just legal knowledge, makes for a private judge that is more deeply intuitive of what is happening. They bring service you expect to an industry you would never expect it from.

Additional Services

Our additional services are in place to avoid conflict and place protective measures to avoid disputes. Setting the proper boundaries or pre-dispute guidelines makes dealing with conflict easier and faster. Many times just having the right pre-dispute setup and avoid problems from starting.