Divorce Mediation and Resource Page

When you are involved in a divorce or separation there are questions and you may need answers. We have build this page to help you find the answers you need.  Please feel free to use this page and share it with your spouse or anyone needing assistance. 

If you know of a good resource we do not have listed, Please let us know. Always remember, we are here to help you resolve your divorce as peacefully and quickly as possible. 

Divorce & Parenting Resources

OKDHS - Computation and Information

OKDHS - Online Calculator

There is a link at the bottom, after you submit the form, to add the court styling. If your judge requests a copy of the Child Support Guidelines, they may be wanting this form fulled out completely and submitted to the court with a notarized affidavit listing both parties. The (District Court) button will allow you to input your information so this can be submitted to the court.

Oklahoma Title 43 - Marriage & Divorce

Oklahoma Law Requiring Pre-Divorce Parenting Class

Additional Parenting Resources


TRUE Dads is a resource referred to us that has a lot help especially for Dads.

Open Path

Open Path is another referral that has free classes, free information, helpful tips and a lot more. 

Divorce and Parenting Classes

Online Parenting Classes

Oklahoma State University - Online

Court Approved Parenting 

Parenting Choice

Parenting Classes Edu 

Online Divorce Education

Court Ordered Classes
Several Classes on Parenting and Divorce

Course for Parents

As we have heard some judges are specific on the classes; Please check with your judge before enrolling in an online course (Even the one offered and promoted by the State of Oklahoma and DHS).