Dr Justin Wood


  • 20 Years ADR Experience
  • Computer Programming
  • Robotics and Ai
  • Data System Analysis
  • Management  (2 – 800+)
  • Business Consultant
  • Business & Ministry
  • Construction & Lanscape
  • Mid and Heavy Equipment
  • EPA Certified Contractor
  • ODAFF Certified Contractor


  • ABA Liaison to Law Schools
    • Mediation
    • Ombudsman
    • ADR Ethics
  • ADR Law Firm Consultant
  • Law Student Consultant
    • ADR Ethics
    • Mediation
    • Church Conflict
  • ADR Instructor
  • Ethics Consultant

Dr. Justin Wood,

Th.d., CJME

Lead ADR Specialist

I am a problem solver specializing in mediation and arbitration of complex Business and Family matters where I desire to bring you my very best.  With a background in business and ministry my experience with Church / Ministerial disputes prove invaluable with large group conflicts.

Management trained since age 17, I think outside the box seeking new ideas and new ways to accomplish the task, if the current methodology is not viable or palatable.

A strong computer programming background accentuates my analytical and theoretical skills, which allows me to find solutions to complex issues.

Working background in business with years of experience have developed my practical skills to reinforce my conceptual thought processes. This keeps me grounded in reality by knowing a solution MUST work in the real world for it to be “the solution”.

Fortifying myself with training and experience while surrounding myself with very competent knowledgeable professionals, I am forced to constantly seek higher standards.

My clients benefit from my hard work by knowing that I will not give up when it gets tough, I roll up my sleeves to get down to business.


  • America Bar Association (ABA)
  • Dispute Resolution Section
    • —> Mediation Committee
    • —> Arbitration Committee
    • —>Corporate ADR Committee
    • —>Court ADR Committee
    • —>Ethics Committee
    • —>Ombuds Committee
  • Family Law Section
    • —>Domestic Violence Committee
    • —>Ethics, Professionalism & Grievance Committee
  • Science & Technology Law Section
    • —>Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Committee
  • ADRHub – Creighton School of Law
  • Nat’l Assoc. for Community Mediation
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence , and Law (RAIL)
  • Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA)
    • Dispute Resolution Section
    • Family Law Section
  • Oklahoma Early Settlement Program (OESP)
  • Texas Association of Mediators (TAM)
  • Heartland Mediation Association (HMA)
  • Association of Missouri Mediators (AMM)
  • Texas Mediator Credentialing Assoc. (TMCA)
  • Great Plains Mediation Arbitration Assoc. (GPMAA)
  • SW Conflict Resolution Network (SWCRN)
  • Harvard School of Law 
    • Program on Negotiation (PON)
  • International Academy of Mediators (IAM)
  • Association for Conflict Resolutions (ACR)
  • Association of International Arbitration (AIA)


  • Doctorate in Theology
  • BS – Criminal Justice Management & Ethics
  • Computer Programming
  • Business Management


  • ADR Services International
    • Civil Mediator
    • Family & Divorce Credentialed Mediator
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court
    • Civil Mediator
    • Family & Divorce Mediator
  • Oklahoma Bar Association
    • Arbitration


  • Restorative Justice
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Sex Trafficking


  • TMCA – Distinguished Mediator
  • GPMAA – Superior Mediator
  • GPMAA – Superior Arbitrator
  • SWCRN – Mediator
  • SWCRN – Arbitrator
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Mediator
  • Texas Supreme Court Mediator
  • Kansas Supreme Court Mediator
  • Missouri Supeme Court Mediator

Required Yearly Training

  • 15 – MCLE in Mediation
    • 3 – MCLE in Ethics
  • 5 – MCLE in Arbitration
    • 2 – MCLE in Ethics