Cohabitation agreements are a simple agreement made for people who decide to live together whether in a house, apartment or even dormitory. As these agreements are geared toward young adults who move out and co-habitat with one or more persons, they can be adjusted to anyone’s needs.

The need for clear understandings become self-evident once you move-in with others and you find out they may have a different understanding, life-style or decide to get into a relationship that didn’t exist prior.

Avoiding disputes has more to do with cohabitation agreements than resolving disputes.

Many times, people understand clearly but the interpretation is different. Common disputes arise from how to handle commonly misunderstood issues.

Rent and Utilities

Many people have paid rent or mortgages for years but some do not understand the importance or the urgency.  Once your co-habituating with someone, you’re at their mercy for timely payment. It is common, as time moves on, people become lacks on deadlines. This puts stress on the relationship with the landlord, bank and everyone else.

Landlords and banks have limited patients when it comes to getting paid as they have their own responsibilities with deadlines. A day for even an hour late from a co-habituating friend could mean they don’t get their money for 3 – 4 days. You could be forced to move out or even get evicted by the sheriff, not to mention the legal fees, if your co-habituating partner doesn’t pay on time.

The best way to look at rent: If you have a job and you are to be paid on Friday at 3pm when your shift ends. Wouldn’t you be upset if your told, “I don’t have it. I’ll call you later.” You would be mad and looking for a new job. They feel the same when your payment is late.

Girls Cohabitating Not Fun | PhloxADR
Girls Cohabitating not Always Fun

Daily Chores

People end up getting disheartened as the daily grind goes on and on. You mowed the yard and you need to do it again, dishes pile up every day and the floor will not sweep its self. These chores after a long day’s work is not what you want to do but living in a pig sty may not be the answer. Smelling your roommate, walking over their clothes or cleaning their dishes everyday may put a serious strain on peaceful co-habitation.

Having a written down, clear understanding of who is responsible for what and when helps co-habitats remember what they must do and what bounds they must keep.

Pets and Friends

How would you like to come home and find out there are three (3) new people living with you or now there are pet snakes or even five (5) rescue dogs?

This is the start of many roommate fights. Everyone should know what they can do, what they must ask permission for and what is generally accepted. Sounds simple but many times people take it upon themselves to do what makes them happy without the consideration of how others may feel.

Snake on Couch | PhloxADR
Reading to Roommates Pet Snake

There are many things that are of concern which many people do not think about until a dispute arises during cohabitation. Young adults have not had the hard life lessons that come with age and those who have learned know how quickly things can get out control. One day you have a place to live, that night your stuff is on the front lawn and it’s raining.

Don’t put your future, finances, school, work and life on the line when you move in with someone or they move in with you. Cohabitation agreements are inexpensive, easy to read, simple to implement and a great protection.

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