Document Writing

Documentation writing is one thing many people have a hard time completing. With the consideration of both sides, protecting personal interest, speed or necessity of the writing and just the everyday work that gets in the way of quite contemplation.

We understand the struggle.

We understand written documents and agreements:

  • Employee Agreements
  • Partnership Outlines
  • Settlement Contracts
  • Mediation Agreements
  • Purchasing Letters
  • Arbitration Awards
  • and Much More

We can work along side you, business partners, legal counsel or for you directly in most writing you wish to create. We have individuals with legal training in contract writing, agreement preparation and letters. This way you can have as much control and/or oversight as you wish.

Our writings save you hours of attorney fees for writing your documentation and this means hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pockets.

Legal Writing and Court Documents

Please understand we are not attorneys, for the most part. We do NOT write court pleadings unless you retain one of our legal counsel to do so.

Mediation agreements and arbitration awards are the exception to this rule as these are covered under alternative dispute resolution and not the practice of law.

We supply divorce and family court documents free through our mediation or arbitration services. This is because the one who would understand the agreement best is the ADR professional whom was present during the award or agreement.

We do not submit any documents to court or to the court clerks offices or file documents for you in court. Though Oklahoma, in particular, does not have formalized UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law) as states like Texas do but we work in these states (TX, OK, KS, MO; as-well-as virtually online everywhere) and wish not to create an ethical ambiguity.

Legal Counsel

As with any legal documentation, we recommend having a practicing bar certified attorney look over the final document. Since we cannot give legal advice, attorneys are trained and most are up-to-date with recent legal challenges for your protection.