Parenting Coordinator is a person trained to watch and see children are cared for during co-parenting time (visitation) or to assist parents in making decisions to avoid further conflict.  Many times, this is due to supervised visits required by a judge or parents that have difficulty communicating.

Supervised Visits

The parenting coordinator can assist by transporting the child from one parent to the other while staying with the child. When the co-parenting time has expired, return the child to the originating parent.  This gives both parents a third party who oversees the child’s care and wellbeing. If transport is not needed, then the parenting coordinator can arrive to supervise the visit.

Assisted Decision Making

Similar to a mediator, a parenting coordinator can assist parents to workout parenting decisions or can relay messages or schedules between the parents, if there have been communication difficulties. They are not there to decide, only to help the parents work through the decision.

There is also parenting coordination software and techniques we can assist you with to help setup a less stressful co-parenting arraignment. This gives the parents more control and life decision making assistance.

An additional benefit we have added to our parenting coordinators, If the parents cannot come to a decision and the dispute needs resolved. The parenting coordinator can submit the parent’s views to a neutral arbitrator who will make a final binding ruling. This will be a final and binding decision and enforceable by a judge. The parents may also choose to hold a limited arbitration hearing to communicate their needs directly to the arbitrator.

Reasons to use a Parenting Coordinator

After a divorce or paternity case, there may be distrust issues or anger that was not resolved; which may take time to resolve. The Parenting Coordinator is there to support both parents to reduce conflict, improve communications, provide comfort and safety for the child and easy tension.

Parenting coordinators will comply with the judicial or agreement order and all communications are private and confidential. All discussions will remain between the parent and coordinator unless required by the order or health / safety issues occur that cannot be corrected by the parenting coordinator.

If you’re having difficulty with co-parenting, please give up a call or email. We will be glad to help.

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