Separation agreement is an easy and inexpensive way to step back and take a minute to make life altering decisions without further harming the relationship. Whether you’re married, common law, living together or cohabitation, just up and leaving is not a proper solution. There are responsibilities that must be taken care of no matter how upset you are at each other.

In a damaged relationship, your immediate actions when you separate will determine many future details.  Separation agreements can be used to provide for responsibilities while you take a break, get counseling, seek ministerial advice or make final decisions.

Angry Judges or Attorneys

Many times, we hear that a judge was mad at one side or an attorney was vindictive. Commonly this can be tracked back to the original separation. Closing bank accounts, destroying property and hurting children (emotionally or physically) will not put you on anyone’s good list. Take responsibility and do things properly while providing for things that matter. It is not normally the judge that’s mad at you but the hole you dug being mad.

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Separation Agreement Provisions

Whether the separation will be permanent or temporary; a separation agreement establishes how to handle expenses, provide for children’s co-parenting time, support of children, car and house payments, proper conduct while separated, bank account separations and anything the parties want established. This agreement can be a pre-cursor to a divorce proceeding, so responsibilities will be met and surprises will be limited through the divorce process.

Children and separation

Children are damaged in a divorce, even more so when used as pawns in the battle. Separation agreements are there to help with this transition and reduce the fighting. Children feel abandoned, by one or both the parents, due to the change and hurt going around. Providing for co-parenting arraignments, support, pickup / drop off, etc. better acclimates the children with less abandonment feelings. This in the long run helps the child feel loved and wanted with less issues at home and school.

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Now with the important responsibilities taken care of and each person knowing their responsibilities, you can repair your relationship, sort out troubles, make serious decisions or thinking about permanent separation. Avoid further damage to your relationship and any children involved, most likely you will be seeing each other for many years to follow.

Your relationship is already damaged

Further damage will not help.

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