Mediation is a simple process that puts you in charge. A neutral 3rd party (the mediator) intervenes to help find issues and resolve the dispute to an amicable agreement.

Though mediation can be handled with or without an attorney, this is your option whether you initially bring an attorney or wish to consult one during the mediation.

Mediation is a voluntary processBoth sides agree to put forth a good faith effort to resolve the dispute amicably. but in some situations it can be a judicial requirement. Many courts are requiring mediation before the judge will even consider hearing the case, especially in family and civil cases.

If you cannot reach an agreement (impasse) in mediation you can escalate to arbitration or to court and litigate with attorneys. Mediation gives you options you don’t have elsewhere as you give up your power to a 3rd party who imposes a decision.

Mediator Does

  • Help Parties Explore Options
  • Open Communications
  • Assists with Difficult Situations
  • Formalizes the Final Agreement


Mediators Don’t

  • Represent any Party
  • Provide Legal Advice
  • Make Your Decisions
  • Coerce or Force Agreements

Save Time

  • Mediation can be arraigned within days, unlike court which may take months to see a judge just to be rescheduled and come back again.

  • Most mediations will take one (1) session where court can take several appearances.

  • If more sessions are needed, that is available to resolve more complex cases, unlike court where your limited.

  • No Legal Mumbo-Jumbo or writing lengthy and complicated motions/briefs; Mediation moves right into resolving the dispute.


Save Money

  • Mediation is much less expensive than litigating in court. The average cost of a mediation will be $500 – $1,000 where just hiring an attorney will cost you $2,500 – $5,000.

  • Court is gummed up with legal paperwork, inefficient processes and judges with overloaded dockets. How can justice be served when you have 3 minutes to explain your situation.?

  • Our mediations are in 4-hour blocks; so you have time to explain the situation, think about options and work out problems.

  • We do NOT charge by the hour. All of our services are flat fee, so you are not rushed and watching a clock.


Save Stress

  • Courts were not designed to resolve disputes but to be the last resort after all other options have been tried and failed.

  • Who has ever walked into a courtroom and felt at ease, NO ONE.!! They are designed to be uncomfortable and intimidating.

  • This raises your stress level, causes anxiety and scares most children (and adults). The constant waiting and legal discussions don’t help. They too cause stress as wait time increases.

We are different!

We want to quickly get to the issues, discuss options and find a workable solutions to move you away from stress.


Privacy & Confidentiality

  • This is what mediation is built on; keeping your discussions and personal life private.

  • Everything you submit to court is public knowledge and easily searchable on the internet. Courts even pay companies to make this information public and YES; they get to sell your information to whomever.

  • Nothing in mediation is public information or allowed to be used as evidence per the US Supreme Court’s ruling. Only the final memorialized agreement exists after mediation and serves as the formal documentation.

  • There is no audio or video recordings and all notes will be collected and destroyed. The final agreement is the only information allowed, if needed, to be public knowledge or submitted to the court.

Comfortable and Relaxed

  • Churches learned many years ago that hard benches, no leg room, creaking doors, dark bathroom and hours of waiting without any refreshments were not contributing to peoples comfort. Yet, courts continue to do this.?

  • We meet in comfortable conference rooms, have drinks and snacks available and relax in comfortable chairs. You can’t think clearly if you’re uncomfortable and feel like you’re in a dungeon.

  • Our over 30 meeting facilities are secure with staff onsite.

  • We provide everything.! You just bring any documents or information you need to discuss.

Mediation Success
Mediation Sucess

The people involved Must:

  • Have authority to make a final decision
  • Willing to negotiate in GOOD FAITHA sincere intention to be fair, open, and honest to the discussion with intent to find a resolution.
  • Be courteous during mediation
  • No weapons allowed by parties

How Does Mediation Work

  • You contact us via phone or webform

  • We arrange a date and time to have a conference

  • Everyone shows up to a comfortable room

  • We all work together to resolve the dispute

  • We provide you a complete written notarized agreement or MOU, for your legal counsel

Our services comply with Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri court processes including court required mediation and recommendations made by the US Supreme Court. Note does not imply endorsement.


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