Business mediation has a very wide net as businesses have embraced mediation for many many years. In the international and most nationwide businesses you will have some form of an ADR clause. This clause must be waved, overruled or completed before a judge will hear a case.

This is not to put the business out of the jurisdiction of the courts, as they are still preview of the courts, but to allow the business to resolve disputes peacefully, save face, fix problems, expedite the process and do what is best without all the added legal expenses.

Civl Judge
Civl Court Judge
0% of cases settle before court - Harvard Law Review

Let’s face it; If a single person sued a large company and avoided all ADR, they would lose. Simply, the company has more money, more resources, more attorneys and more time to waste than a single person.

Businesses saw the huge waste of legal fees, turn over was high, relationships suffered and nothing ever got accomplished. There had to be a better way and there is:


Business owners, mangers, investors, board members, etc. do not have all day to sit around and fight law suits. They want to resolve issues quickly and get back to business. That is what business mediation is all about.

Workplace Mediaton
Workplace Mediaton

Construction Dispute
Construction Mediation

Forms of Business Mediation

  • Board Member Disputes
  • Employee Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes (yes, differnet)
  • Supplier Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Vendor Disputes
  • Business to Business Disputes
  • Consumer to Business Disptues
  • Governmental Disputes
  • Workers Compensation Disputes
  • Medical Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • International Disputes
  • Maritime Disputes
  • and I can go on for hours

Board Mediation
Board Mediation

Vendor Mediation
Vendor Mediation

Business mediation plays a very intricate role in business. You either have it or your not long for business.

Business Mediation - for Individuals

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Business Mediation - for Businesses

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