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US Supreme Court

Chief Justice Warren Burger (1969-1986) of the United States Supreme Court clearly saw the need for an alternative to the court system that was not as Costly, Painful, Destructive and Inefficient.

Oklahoma Law

The Oklahoma Legislature clearly saw the same when they created the Oklahoma Dispute Resolution Act in 1983. They mirrored in law much of what Chief Justice Burger stated as they wanted an alternative to court which was Fair, Equitable, Inexpensive and Expeditious for the Citizens of Oklahoma.


These two great strides in law established Mediation and Arbitration as the main methodology for citizens to have access to justice without all the expense, delays and fighting associated with court. It was clearly seen that the stress on the people and the courts could not be sustained. There needed to be a process for normal people to seek justice without tearing families and relationships apart; thus, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was born.

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