Additional services that are offered by PhloxADR are in support of reduced conflict and methods to avoid conflict. The best way to prevent conflict is to be prepared for conflict by setting agreements or measures in place to handle the conflict.

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst.

  • You agreed to co-habitat with someone, then one day you come home and find, without consult, the roommate has adopted two new dogs. Now you have 6 dogs in the house and their fighting. (Co-Habituating Agreement)
  • You’ve been married and after weeks of fighting one partner moves out Who pays for the rent, food, car payments, insurance, child care, etc. Can you support everything yourself? (Separation Agreement or Nuptial Agreement)
  • You started a business and hired employees, now they are posting negative information on Facebook about you and the business. (Employment Agreement)
  • Your business partner decided to only work 15 hours a week but wants to keep their salary and all bonuses while you pick up the extra 20 work hours without compensation. (Business Agreement)

These are just examples of how conflict arises rapidly. If you have not thought these things through, even a little, they can be quite devastating and may prevent any resolution without judicial intervention.

We want to support you to establish simple, cost effective measures, pre-dispute. This can save you much undue stress and potentially ending up on the street or your financial future destroyed forever.

How It Works

Depending on the type of situation: the parties come together with one of our disputes resolution specialists. We provide you with some points to think about and you tell us what you want to establish as pre-disputes guidelines. It is up to you how much you want added to the agreement or how little.

We have written agreements that are simple one page agreements that outline the very basics to agreements they are very detailed. We are there to help you work through and think about how different situations will affect you. Since every situation is different we customize these agreements to you and your situation.

Pre-dispute agreements are very cost effective and may be VERY invaluable. Give us a call or email us. Our initial consultation is free.

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